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As a hobby photographer you naturally hope to be in the right place at the right time for the perfect picture. Brabant rider Andre Bonga could not be so lucky on Monday morning: he spotted a wolf.

The hobby photographer was on his way from Cromvoirt to his home town of Den Bosch this Whit Monday. Around 7:45 am he drove on the Deutersestraat along the Moerputten nature reserve, always looking for beautiful pictures.

But then Andre saw something he had never seen before, he says Heart of the Netherlands. “I looked over a newly cut field and there it was!” The hobby photographer came face to face with a wolf, the predator that the Netherlands has not been talking about in recent years.

‘Leave me alone’

The wolf was about 300 to 400 meters away from him, Andre estimates. “He had noticed me much earlier and just looked at me.” The animal turned out to be less impressed than the Bosschenaar. “After two minutes he lay down. He was like, “Do your thing and leave me alone.”

Andre stood on the side for ten minutes, armed with a 600mm telephoto lens. “I was able to photograph the wolf with ease.” This resulted in special pictures: the human shy animal is not often captured on the sensitive plate in the Netherlands.

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The photographer thinks it is “quite impressive” to be able to experience this in his “neighborhood”, he concludes. “De Moerputten is almost my backyard!”

Image: Andre Bonga Photography



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