He launches germicidal lamps

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While his activity was completely stopped during the covid crisis, Michel Demay, manager of the Toulouse company Arkled, specialized in Led lighting, had the idea of ​​relaunching germicidal lamps. “It made me tilt right away,” he announces. These lamps “have the particularity of emitting UVC rays which will destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a room of 30 m2 in 15 minutes”, specifies Michel Demay. Equipped with 4 55-watt tubes, a roller stand, a switch and a presence detector, the germicidal lamps are easy to use and therefore make it possible to disinfect rooms in a short time. In this post-Covid period, Michel Demay has just equipped around a hundred dentists in Toulouse. “They can activate the lamps between each patient and disinfect their chair area in 2 minutes 30”, he continues. For him, this sanitation system, economical in energy and products, could extend to other sectors such as “physiotherapy practices, analysis laboratories, beauticians, nurses …”

A very old trial

By bringing these lamps up to date, Arkled has only dusted off “an old process developed by Philips and Osram, 30 years earlier and which has proven itself. We have just added support”, specifies the Toulousain . Today, with the Covid, this product is experiencing a second boom. Sold for around € 900, these lamps distributed by Arkled are fitted with tubes produced by Philips and feet made in Bulgaria. Thanks to germicidal lamps, Arkled is gaining new momentum and could wipe out the economic losses linked to the health crisis. The specialist of the led even plans to include “the ultraviolet tubes in the light. During the day, we would have an electric line which would light us and in the evening, a second line, equipped with a timer which would send ultraviolet and disinfect”. Another bright idea that risks being emulated.


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