He succeeded in treating Corona “100 percent” .. Learn about this new drug and its features

The Israeli company, “Pons Bio Group” for pharmaceutical industries, announced the success of its drug against the emerging corona virus by 100 percent in the first 10 patients who participated in its clinical trials, according to the newspaper “Jerusalem Post”, Saturday.

The company had conducted its experiments at the Rambam Health Care Center in Haifa.

According to the newspaper, the drug has proven effective on patients aged between 45 and 75 years, all of whom were suffering from severe symptoms of infection.

And 90 percent of those patients were suffering from other diseases, in addition to corona, according to the newspaper.

Trial data showed a 40 percent reduction in lung infections after treatment, and up to 1 percent after five days.

The patients also showed, according to the newspaper, an improvement in respiratory functions, and the oxygen saturation in the blood rose to 95 percent.

What distinguishes this drug, which is an injection, is that its active substance can be stored at room temperature, and it only needs small doses for the patient according to his needs, and it can also treat all viruses of the Corona family, such as the original SARS virus (SARS-CoV- 1) As well as SARS-CoV-2, as well as “Mers”, as well as any new strains that may appear to corona because it targets “the gene responsible for the virus directly”, according to the researcher participating in the experiments from Australia, Professor Nigel McMillen.


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