He turned 16 and his debut has world football in suspense: the story of Youssoufa Moukoko, the precocious talent who earns millions and idolizes Messi

Youssoufa Moukoko could debut this Saturday with Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga (Shutterstock)

An endless countdown started a few months ago when Youssoufa Moukoko joined the first team in the Borussia Dortmund. To their 15 years They decided I was ready to work alongside stars like Erling Haaland, Marco Reus, Jadon Sancho and Mats Hummels, among others. His name has long been echoing on the walls of the corridors and in the offices of the Signal Iduna Park, because he has been standing out in the lower divisions of the German club for years. He broke through in a meteoric way, scoring a lot of goals in different categories. His records were amazing on their own, but they took on even greater relevance because he always achieved them against players four or five years older than him. You just had to wait for him to reach the statutory age for his professional debut to take place. And that day has finally come.

Moukoko celebrate this friday his 16th life anniversary and is automatically enabled to play in the Bundesliga, according to the new rule established in April by the German Football League (DFL). The world of football is in suspense and eager to see this boy of African origin in action this Saturday, when the BVB face the Hertha BSC in Berlin by Date 8 of the German league.

It all started in Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon. That’s where Youssoufa Moukoko was born November 24, 2004. For the first 10 years of life, he lived in that town with his grandparents and then traveled to meet his father again. Joseph, a German citizen since the 1990s. Came to Hamburg in the European summer of 2014 and began playing at the St. Pauli. He had a lot of talent and an incredible ability to score goals, which generated the interest of Borussia Dortmund, a club that is not only recognized for its titles but also for its development of young talents.

Youssoufa Moukoko was 12 when he came to Borussia Dortmund and started playing for the U-15.

Youssoufa Moukoko was 12 when he came to Borussia Dortmund and started playing for the U-15.

From there, everything went very fast. He began to climb very naturally between the different categories, standing out despite being much smaller than his rivals and teammates: he had only 12 years when he joined the sub-15, played for the first time with sub-17 When I had 13, and when I turned 14 I was already part of the team sub-19. As reported bundesliga.com, I note 127 goals and gave 26 assists in the 84 games who played in all competitions with the youth teams of the Dortmund. He had plenty of potential, he was overflowing with talent.

“I started to follow him in la la season 2017/18, when he scored those two goals in his U-17 debut. And when the final came with Bayern, I knew I had to be there. I used to live in Augsburg, a 40 minutes from Munich. I arrived to campus and there was already a lot of expectation for the boy who was 12 or 13 years oldHe was super protected by the people of the club and you could tell they wanted to take care of his talent from the media impact. There was a lot of suspicion but I noticed that day that He was not physically superior to the rest nor that he could be older than he said, as some speculated. In that game he scored the third goal for the victory of Dortmund and since then it has improved a lot, “he explained to Infobae the Spanish journalist Juanma Romero, who follows in the footsteps of this child prodigy in Germany.

His age was questioned by different rivals in some of the tournaments, but his father also spoke about this aspect four years ago in dialogue with the official BVB website and made his position very clear: “Right after his birth, I registered him at the German consulate in Yaoundé. He has a German birth certificate. Also, my son cannot be older because his mother, Marie, is only 28 years old. (NdR: he is now 32). “

Youssoufa Moukoko started training with the Borussia Dortmund first team in August, at just 15 years old (Shutterstock)

Youssoufa Moukoko started training with the Borussia Dortmund first team in August, at just 15 years old (Shutterstock)

Last August it was decided that he would continue competing at the youth level but already training fully with the professionals and he was promoted to the cast led by Lucien Favre. “Moukoko is much better than me at his age”, said Erling Haaland during the preseason they did in Switzerland. “I have never seen a 15 year old boy so good in my life. The advantage for him is that he already plays for Dortmund. At his age, I still played in my hometown ”, added the Norwegian striker, shocked by the qualities of this teenager who also made his way in the under-20 selection from Germany.

He is a very powerful, fast and skilled attacker, possessing a masterful left foot. They are references that are very similar to Lionel Messi, one of his maximum references. “As a player, Messi is my role model. No one else can do what he does. My goal is also to win the Champions League and win the Ballon d’Or “, had said himself Moukoko in an interview with SportBild at the end of 2018.

He did a beastly individual job, he never trusted his talent. He has worked hard to compete with players older than him, who are physically better and more developed, that it has helped him a lot. Moukoko grew up in that aspect but also has improved in their decision making. He does not forgive within the area, technically he is very superior in that area. It’s deadly in those 20 or 25 meters”, Contributed Juanma Romero.

Although he is not yet a professional, he already lives with the money he generates with football, especially that which comes from a sponsorship contract. As reported The Sun, the Borussia Dortmund pays you some USD 8,000 a week, although that will change if it makes its professional debut. But the salient is what has been published image, who pointed out that this young man of Cameroonian origin signed a contract with Nike for little more than one million dollars, which may have increased to almost USD 12 million with his promotion to the first team.

Moukoko could play this Saturday against Hertha BSC and become the youngest debutant in the history of the Bundesliga (AFP)

Moukoko could play this Saturday against Hertha BSC and become the youngest debutant in the history of the Bundesliga (AFP)

So far this season he has scored 13 goals in only four games with him sub-19, all while waiting to meet the 16 years to be able to debut at a professional level in the Bundesliga. If this Saturday he makes his appearance in the Olympiastadion from Berlin, will become the Youngest debutant of all time in German soccer. For now the record belongs to another product of the Dortmund quarry, the Turkish Nuri Sahin, who made his debut in the elite – on August 6, 2005 against Wolfsburg – at 16 years and 335 days. “I don’t listen to what other people say. I go my own way. I just want to help the team, that’s why I’m here “, said Youssoufa Moukoko this week in dialogue with BVB.TV, showing that he keeps his feet on the ground even though he has world football in suspense.


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