He would become a “national hero”: Trump also pushed investigators in Georgia

He would become a “national hero”
Trump also urged investigators in Georgia

Donald Trump has tried quite a bit in the state of Georgia to turn the result in his favor. Apparently, the president not only tried to persuade the responsible state secretary to commit election fraud, but also contacted one of his leading investigators.

According to a media report, US President Donald Trump is said to have tried in another case to influence the result of the presidential election in Georgia. The Washington Post reports Trump had asked the chief investigator of the state secretary responsible for the elections, Brad Raffensperger, in a phone call on December 23, to “find” election fraud. Trump had given him the prospect of becoming a “national hero”.

According to the Washington Post, the investigator led the investigation into alleged election fraud in Cobb County, a district near Atlanta. Raffensperger confirmed the phone call to the newspaper, but said he did not know the specific statements of Trump. However, he thinks it is problematic that an elected politician intervenes in an investigation into election fraud. Trump lost the election on November 3rd to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump has since lied that he was robbed of victory by massive election fraud in Georgia and other states. But there is no evidence or evidence for this.

Trump had also put pressure on Raffensperger to retrospectively overturn Biden’s narrow victory in Georgia in the presidential election. In a phone call on January 2, Trump urged the State Secretary – who is also a Republican – bluntly to “recalculate” the result. According to the recording of the conversation published by numerous US media, Trump said: “I only want to find 11,780 votes (…) because we won the state.” After two recounts, Biden was 11,779 votes ahead of Trump.

The chief investigator, who had also been called by Trump, did not want to comment on the Washington Post. The newspaper does not give his name to protect him. Raffensperger and election officer Gabriel Sterling and their families were severely threatened by Trump fans.

Congress had certified the election results on Thursday night and made Biden’s victory official. Before that, an angry mob stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, where the MPs and senators were meeting. Trump had previously urged his supporters at a rally to move to the Capitol on the day in question.


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