Health. Paracetamol: beware of poisoning

Almost essential, paracetamol is not harmless for all that. Like all medicines, it is harmful in case of overdose: it can then cause damage to the liver, which is irreversible or fatal in some cases.

On the occasion of World Pain Day, Monday, October 18, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) recalled that “paracetamol is used at the lowest possible effective dose and for the shortest period ”.

For kids

For children from 27 to 50 kg, taking paracetamol should begin with a dose of 500 mg, renewable after six hours if necessary.

The maximum daily dose is 60 mg of paracetamol per kg of body weight.

For adults

For people over 50 kg, treatment should also start with a dose of 500 mg. This can be renewed after four hours.

If the pain or fever gets worse, the dose may increase to one gram. But it can only be renewed after six hours.

The daily dose should not exceed three grams in self-medication. With a doctor’s prescription, it can increase up to four grams per day.


Consult a doctor before consuming paracetamol if you suffer from kidney disease, liver disease or chronic alcoholism.

The ANSM also advises “to avoid taking medication as a rule” during pregnancy.

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