“Health”: the differences between the “Pfizer” and “AstraZeneca” vaccines are limited … they are both effective and safe – Saudi News

Today (Thursday), the Ministry of Health announced that 375 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded in the Kingdom, while 336 recoveries and 4 deaths have been recorded. According to the “Health” statistics, the total number of cases cumulatively since the first case in the Kingdom has reached 378,708 cases; Among them, 2581 active cases are still receiving the necessary health care, of which 503 are critical cases, while the total recovery cases reached 369,613 cases, while the death toll rose to 6,514 deaths. In the context, the Assistant Minister of Health, spokesman for the Ministry, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, announced that those who received the vaccine against the emerging corona virus could not come into contact with the infected person with the virus, describing it as very dangerous.

He added, “It is true that if a person received vaccination with the vaccine, acquired immunity, reached the level of immunization and exceeded the time period for high immunity, he does not have to quarantine in the event of contact, but this does not mean that he is not bound by the rest of the precautionary measures that ensure the health safety of himself and others, because individual immunity is a step “But we must all reach the immunity of society.”

During his speech at the press conference to reveal the developments of the Corona virus and vaccines in the Kingdom, Dr.Abdulali stressed that the rumors of weak immunity, the possibility of infection and the emergence of symptoms during a period of 3 weeks after receiving the first dose are untrue.

Regarding the preference of some for the anti-Corona vaccine over other vaccines, and some deliberately not taking the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine on the pretext that the Pfizer vaccine is more effective, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said: “The Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines approved in the Kingdom, and both of them began studying on them from advanced research centers and with some partnerships. Among leading companies in these fields, scientific teams and leading experts in these fields, and in partnership with prestigious universities such as the University of Oxford, the results and research that passed through several stages were reliable in the scientific community, and most importantly, they were approved and approved by the Food and Drug Authority in the Kingdom.

He added: “The studies that have been – and are still – on the two vaccines for use in societies, these studies include some indicating that the AstraZeneca vaccine is better in some characteristics, and some of them indicate that the Pfizer vaccine is better in other characteristics, but the differences between the two vaccines are limited in these characteristics, Both achieve very high rates of effectiveness and safety. ”


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