Heard by parliamentarians, Olivier Véran defends the government’s vaccine strategy

New exercise of transparency for the Minister of Solidarity and Health. Tuesday, January 12, Olivier Véran answered questions from deputies and senators and justified the government’s choices, particularly in terms of vaccine strategy. The minister was summoned for two hearings before the social affairs committees in the National Assembly and then in the Senate. A little over two hours in total, in addition to the traditional government questioning session. “We don’t sail by sight. A strategy has been defined by the High Authority for Health, which is, I would remind you, an independent authority ”, declared in the preamble of his hearing Mr. Véran, wanting to cut short the persistent criticisms on the amateurism of the executive.

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Between December 16, date of the official presentation of the government’s vaccine strategy at the Palais-Bourbon and the announcement by Mr. Véran, on January 5, of its “acceleration”, controversies and doubts have multiplied in the face of a start considered too timid. Started in nursing homes, the French vaccination campaign has since suffered from an implacable comparison with those of its European neighbors. “You are accelerating with the promise of 1 million French people vaccinated at the end of January, Great Britain will have already vaccinated 2.3 million. You expect 14 million vaccinated before the summer, our neighbors across the Channel will reach this figure on February 14, cracked the socialist deputy of Landes Boris Vallaud. The question remains: how are we going to do it? ”

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In response, Olivier Véran affirmed that the government would not change its doctrine for the moment. “We are not currently vaccinating younger people, their turn will come”, he assumed. Health professionals over 50 or fragile, as well as home helpers and firefighters remain priority for vaccination. On Monday, people over the age of 75 will be able to receive an injection, before those under 50 with comorbidities. A list of targeted people must also be presented on Monday by Alain Fischer, the “Mr. Vaccine” of the government. “The objective is to vaccinate as many people as possible”, reiterated Olivier Véran facing the senators, nevertheless issuing ” reserves “, It front of “Areas of uncertainty which are not of a political nature” more ” scientist “.

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