Heavy snowfall and wind increase the risk of avalanches

Heavy snowfall is announced throughout Switzerland on Thursday. The federal government has issued a weather warning for large parts of the country, there is danger level 4. In the canton of Uri, an avalanche has buried a road, and another exit threatens.

Heavy snowfall hinders train traffic in the mountains. In the picture a train near the train station in Andermatt on Wednesday.

Urs Flüeler / Keystone

Winter has definitely arrived in Switzerland. On Thursday it snows persistently and intensely, especially on the northern slope of the Alps, and the snowfall limit is constantly falling. In Arosa, over one meter of fresh snow fell in the last 48 hours. By Thursday midnight, Meteo Switzerland is forecasting 40 to 70 centimeters of additional fresh snow on the northern slopes of the Alps above 800 meters above sea level. The federal government increased the danger level on Thursday from 3 to four (from five). SRF Meteo warns that there is a widespread danger of avalanches in interaction with the wind in the Alps. According to the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, Thursday is one of the most dangerous days in winter.

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