Helena Christensen thrilled with bikini photo in the snow

Model Helena Christensen (52) shows her dream body in a pale purple bikini. That she is in the two photos, which she posted on Instagram, in the midst of a sunny but snow-covered winter landscape, doesn’t seem to detract from your joy. In one picture she is walking barefoot through the snow. The other shows her crouched, feet in the icy water. According to her own comment on the post, “Eislochsuche”, she probably achieved her goal with that.

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“Real and wild and wonderful”

And the followers like it too. For this sight they donate about twice as many likes to the native Dane as usual with Christensen’s posts. For the unabashed action, she reaps a lot of little heart emojis from celebrity colleagues such as model Naomi Campbell (50) and actress Ellen Pompeo (51, “Grey’s Anatomy”).

When asked by a stunned follower, “Why are you doing this? Brrr”, Helena Christensen replies: “The health benefits are huge, but most of all, I just love it”. She replied to another follower: “To be honest, it’s easier for me than taking a cold shower”. It feels “real and wild and wonderful”.

Your faithful companion, who is not missing in almost any photo from her private life, may see it like this or something similar: her dog. The Australian Shepherd is apparently in no way inferior to its famous mistress when it comes to insensitivity to the cold. In the two latest photos he made himself comfortable next to the “ice hole” in the snow.

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