Helena Fürst: Who Ex Ennesto Monté is now messing with

“Celebrities under palm trees” brought Ennesto Monté not only new attention, but also a new love. Helena Fürst’s ex caught a model!

Ennesto Monté (44) only had a brief appearance on the Sat.1 show “Celebs under Palms” and had to pack his bags again after the first episode, but in the end he was a winner – in terms of love. Because through fellow campaigner Eva Benetatou (28), with whom he stayed in contact even after the recordings, he met his new girlfriend.

As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, Helena Fürst’s (46) ex has recently been in a relationship with the Croatian model Vanja Rasova and is madly in love.

Thomas Gottschalk is also on cloud nine with his new girlfriend Karina. On his 70th birthday, the two were as in love as on the first day. See for yourself in the video below:

What a feast for the eyes!  At his birthday party, girlfriend Karina steals the show from him

© Andreas Rentz/Getty Images; BUNTE.de

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Ennesto Monté fell in love with the corona quarantine

Ironically, the current pandemic, in which no contact is a top priority, brought the two together. “We fell in love with Corona, in quarantine,” reports the 44-year-old. Both Ennesto and Vanja had been infected with the virus at Eva Benetatou and tested positive for Covid-19. “Since Vanja had to take care of a friend’s apartment in Frankfurt during this time anyway, we made a virtue out of necessity and sweated it out together. Under these circumstances, you get to know each other very differently – and a friendship then turned into love,” said Ennesto.

Already the second model friend that the 44-year-old caught after falling out of love with Helena Fürst in the summer of 2017. Until the end of last year, he was briefly with ex-jungle camper Anastasiya Avilova (31), who then did not talk positively about the relationship.

Vanja, on the other hand, is very fond of her Ennesto. “If you know him personally, you know that he is very tame. I think it’s nice that he no longer appears as macho. Ennesto has his own sense of humor that not everyone understands. But he has the macho thing fortunately changed “, she explained the” picture “.

Sarah Lombardi no longer wants to hide her new love either. In the video below, she shares very private recordings with friend Julian:

She doesn't want to hide her love anymore: private recordings with boyfriend Julian
She doesn't want to hide her love anymore: private recordings with boyfriend Julian

© Tristar Media/Getty Images; Instagram/sarellax3; BUNTE.de


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