Her income exceeds $100,000 annually.. 5 side jobs that you can perform from home!

No matter where you live or your income, you can earn extra 6-figure income by temporarily working from home, but to make this dream a reality, you may just need a solid internet connection and the right skill set.

Some of these opportunities have emerged, having resulted in widespread adoption to work remotely To create more opportunities for people to find flexible, high-paying side work they can do online.

And according to a December 2022 LendingTree poll of 2,100 US adults, about 44% of Americans indulged in a side business, up from 12% in a 2020 survey.

And more people are turning away from the mainly temporary side jobs that popped up in the mid-2000s — driving for Uber, delivering food with Grubhub — to pursuing cutting-edge opportunities in Professional Services instead. , such as computer programming, information technology, marketing and business consulting.

To help people interested in starting a side hustles find the best remote opportunities, Freelancer.com has identified 5 side hustles that can be done from home on demand, based on over 300,000 job postings posted to their database between October and December 2022.

These jobs have dozens of active listings and offer part-time remote opportunities.

Here are 5 of the most lucrative and in-demand side businesses that can be done from home:

Top 5 side business

The online market for freelance tech talent, in particular, has “exploded” over the past 12 months despite continued mass job cuts in the tech sector, Sebastien Cecilis, vice president of international at Freelancer.com, told CNBC. Al-Arabiya.net reviewed it.

Some of these jobs can pay up to $100 an hour, Cecilis added.

Reliance on freelancing platforms also increased during the height of the Corona pandemic, especially in the technology field, as more companies were forced to shift to online business models and keep up with the rapid onslaught of new technologies, from encryption to artificial intelligence, according to a November 2022 report from the resource platform. Gusto humanity.

Although coding, programming and other technical disciplines have always been desirable side jobs, the recent wave of tech layoffs has led to “unprecedented fluctuations” in demand for specialized technical skills such as Android app development and various programming languages ​​as companies rely on freelancers. to reduce costs.

If you’re interested in getting the buzz on the technical side, you’ll want to build your expertise through online courses, coding bootcamps, and programming podcasts.

Then, create a digital portfolio of work samples to share with potential clients. To find out where jobs are and list your own services, you might consider creating a profile on Upwork, Freelancer.com, Fiverr, TaskRabbit, or a different website that advertises freelance jobs.

However, in the end, you don’t need to be a tech savvy to build a successful side business. Many other jobs offering remote part-time opportunities, including teaching, blogging, and business consulting, have also seen increased demand on Freelancer.com.

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