Here are the latest photos of the Walibi megacoaster, which will be inaugurated in 2021

The wait becomes unbearable for thrill seekers. Walibi’s megacoaster, presented as the highest and fastest in the Benelux, is expected for the 2021 season, possibly even for the park to reopen in the spring. Just to make us wait, Walibi unveiled some images of this roller coaster located at the back of the park, in a hitherto unexploited area. We can see the seats of the train on which we guess the heads of snakes.

You can see the impressive structure of the attraction that reaches 50 meters high and extends over 1,200 meters. It will propel the intrepid to peak speeds of 115 km / h, with an average speed of 100 km / h. The megacoaster, whose name is still unknown, will be part of the 4.5 hectare area dedicated to the theme of Africa and the Scorched Earth.

This attraction is part of the vast investment plan of 100 million euros, which should ultimately transform 75% of the park. It should allow it to complete its offer and reach an even wider audience.

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