Here are the steps to charge freefire 2021 jewels in the easiest and safest way

Free Fire Jewels 2021 is the most important thing for fans and lovers of the Free Fire Jewels game, which has spread widely in various parts of the world since its launch on Google Play, and loved by adults and children in the Arab countries because of its distinguished communication with players from different countries and ages, and to complete the stages Many of the game must be charged with codes to reach higher levels of play, and many websites have spread different ways to charge Free Fire gems.

free fire gems free

Free fire gems shipping steps 2021

There are many children and adults who also do not know how they can charge Free Fire gems to get gifts and gems for free and reach a higher stage in the game. Advanced and higher levels of play, it is one of the world games and similar to the game Bbg famous.

It is considered the best and safest way to ship the Jewels game is the official website in exchange for a payment of a sum of money according to the number of jewels to be shipped, and in the following lines are the steps for charging the Jewels Free Fire game.

  1. Login to the shop2game portal.
  2. country selection andthe currency.
  3. Choose the number of gems to be shipped.
  4. Choose a method of payment..
  5. Register the phone number.
  6. You will receive a message confirming the shipping process.
  7. Log in to the game Jewels Fire Free to make sure that the shipment has arrived.
Free Fire Jewels Shipping 2021
Free Fire Jewels 2021

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