here is the astronomical sum he spent on diamonds in his teeth (video)

Money is supposed to be spent, of course! And if you have a lot of them, why not indulge your desires… like getting sparkling white teeth, or better yet, making them shine like a diamond.

American rapper Gucci Mane, his smile would no longer light up a room but is now expensive. Rapper So Icy just boasted on Instagram that he spent “A quarter of a mile” to get diamond nails attached to his teeth. To be precise, Gucci would have spent $ 250,000 on the job.

The big purchase comes after the release of his new compilation of 24 tracks, So Icy Summer. While in February, Mane and his wife Keisha Koor said they were broke after the rapper’s ex-wife Sheena Evans asked to increase the amount of child support to $ 20,000 per month instead of $ 2,076 per month. Gucci Mane has a son by the name of Keitheon with the latter. The child was 11 years old at the time.

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