here’s why the Messenger app changed color

Surprise this week for users of Messenger, Facebook messaging. While updating the application on their smartphone, they inexplicably saw the icon change color. From iconic blue, the logo has turned to a mix of purple, pink and blue.

A change that many users did not appreciate, not failing to show their dissatisfaction on social networks. Above all, few people understand this choice.

In fact, this new color is due to a merger between Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The messaging services of the two applications will indeed soon merge. “Messenger gets a new look to mark our continued evolution, moving from a simple way to send messages to your Facebook friends to a place to hang out with your favorite people, on your favorite apps and devices,” says the giant technology on his blog.

But Facebook wants to reassure its users. “Messages and calls from loved ones using Instagram will stay in your Instagram app. The main change is that users of the Messenger app can now reach you on Instagram without you having to download a new app, and vice versa. “


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