Hi Chris Paul, how are you? And by the way, when is the meeting with the friends of the banana boat?

Strange autumn-winter break obliges, TrashTalk looks this year at… 74 individual profiles. Why 74? Oh, nothing to do with Haute-Savoie eh, despite the adoration of some for Sainte-Raclette, but rather because these analyzes will take us quietly towards the recovery. Because yes, we can confirm it to you, this sordid year 2020 will soon come to an end, it is time. Focus today on Chris Paul, the man who was way too expensive, then finally It’s okay , then finally not that much.

Chris Paul has been one of those divisive players since 2005. Often compared to Tony Parker for a primarily generational question, CP3 is undoubtedly one of the best playmakers in history but carries with him this reputation as a magnificent loser. This does not detract from his talent of course, but let’s say that at 35 brushes Chrissou would be well inspired to put a ring on his CV, just to complete the loop and put the icing on the cake of his future appointment to the Hall Of Fame. Deal?

Summarize Chris Paul’s career in a few lines? As much to speak of the dunks of Vince Carte by evoking only one of them. Let’s say, to summarize in the most respectful way possible, that the number 4 of the 2005 Draft is part, vulgarly, of the five best leaders in the League for fifteen years. We can no longer count the interiors that Chris Paul transformed into real NBA players, we no longer count the idyllic and clean performances that his nickname Point God has stuck to him for too long, and the most ultimate proof of the respect engendered by CP3 remains perhaps this contract of 160 million signed in 2018, a contract long mocked but which seems almost today… deserved, as everything that the guy touches turns to gold, or at least to bronze. Hornets, Clippers for the birth (and death) of Lob City, Rockets for the birth (and death) of Daryl Morey’s champion project, Thunder for an incredible freelance as a colony monitor, and therefore… Phoenix next season , just to revive this famous Phoenix from its already cold ashes.

Chris Paul? The assurance of being competitive, at least until spring, and the assurance of a minimum of seriousness in a project. Chris Paul? The man capable of releasing a 20 point 20 assists without losing a ball, the one who will have released the Spurs 2015 thanks to one of the most beautiful fortnights of his career, the man who almost made Houston the slayer of the invincible Warriors in 2018. Lots of accomplishments, lots of failures at the gates of glory especially, and a career which today deserves to know its peak with a ring that would definitely stamp its place among the greatest of his sport.

The next lucky guys to benefit from Chris Paul’s chatter and experience? The Suns therefore, the Booker / Ayton / Bridges trio in the lead, the Suns who therefore pass eternal question marks to candidates for the Playoffs or even more, all the more so when we see how easily CP3 took last season a funny Thunder team with a nice fifth place in the West. What goal now for the Suns? Rediscovering the Playoffs we said, and more so similar but without projecting too much, because we remind you that the West is still populated by franchises that have made a habit of… sending Chris Paul on vacation every year around the month of May. A month of May which will also see CP3 celebrate its 36 years, and strangely the odds of Daron are at their highest, despite an astronomical salary and an advanced age.

  • Hype gauge upon arrival in the League: 60%
  • Current Hype Gauge: 75%
  • Hall of Fame entry gauge: 100%
  • The one he would like to become: an NBA champion
  • The one he hopes not to become: one of the best losers in history

With still 85 million still to be touched (last year with a player option but please, Chris Paul has something to see the Suns in pink. At the end of his contract two solutions will open up to him: to continue an adventure that will perhaps already look great in Arizona, at a lower cost obviously, or to decide to complete the loop with his friends, LeBron in the lead, to go take it easy with a ring caught small but oh so deserved. The choices will be there, and that too, casually, he will have deserved it.

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