hidden message on moe’s tavern phone

Although Moe’s Tavern has featured many times in the chapters, until recently it was known that the telephone number of the tavern was exposed in Episode 17, Season 7, when Mr. Burns tries to call his assistant Smithers after Homer takes his place at the plant. (See also: Was that why you were trying to change jobs? This was earned by Homer Simpson at the nuclear plant)

This is how FayerWayer describes it, who ensures that when Burns calls his assistant and without knowing the number communicates directly with the traditional tavern of ‘The Simpson’.

“That means that Moe’s phone number is 764-84377, which when he writes it spells” SMITHERS “and curiously, this is longer than the traditional numbers in the United States,” he says. that portal.

This same statement is made by Ámbito, from Argentina, which emphasizes that one of the curiosities is that this number has one digit more than those used in that North American country, so it may be a new trick from the writers to keep the place hidden of the map that Springfield is on.

Even, adds this last medium, in the United States there are about 35 localities that bear the name of the city of ‘The Simpsons’.


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