High cases of food poisoning and official agencies are moving

In the past few days, the repercussions of the crisis of electricity cuts for long periods of time, night and day, accompanied by a severe heat wave, have become more and more public, so that cases of domestic poisoning increased, even in restaurants, recording large numbers in the month of August..

The Health Protection Department in the Ministry of Health became aware of this issue, so it mobilized the human cadre for the “Food Safety Campaign” a few days ago, and held yesterday, Monday, a retreat in the form of a conference in which it discussed, under the supervision of the Minister of Health, how to address this phenomenon and the resulting cases in light of the continuing economic crisis and interruption Electricity and the fuel crisis. After lengthy deliberations and discussions, the authority came to recommendations to immediately start a food safety campaign, but in an indicative manner, unlike what happened in previous ministerial eras, where media defamation was the first goal..

The authority stated that the adoption of the method of awareness and guidance instead of punishment and closure is due to many reasons, including the economic situation, electricity cuts and a decline in the rate of supervision due to the inability of the concerned departments in these circumstances to follow up actively, and the responsibility here lies with the state before the citizen..

The Food Safety Committee decided to expedite awareness campaigns at home and in restaurants on how to preserve foodstuffs in light of the continuous power outages, in addition to replacing foods with others that are more capable of maintaining their quality without electricity..

At the end of the workshop, the campaign manager said, “Our ancestors used to obtain in certain ways all the vitamins and proteins, and store cheese and milk even without electricity, so let us imitate them during this period.”

Source: Lebanon 24


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