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Caramel, Zhou Yukou, and Lin Weizhou have expressed their willingness to open the registration of high-end vaccines.Picture: Reversed from Caramel, Zhou Yukou Facebook, Huang Jianhao/Photo

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that today (27)day14From now on, the vaccination appointment platform will be reopened, and high-end vaccine options will be added for the public to choose from. Many legislators and celebrities have come out to declare that they have made appointments for high-end vaccination.

DPP legislator Gao Jiayu had already made an appointment for the attack this morningTHE, After the news came out, immediately canceled the vaccination, indicating that he would wait until the next wave of appointments were completed, and then make a check; the well-known Zhou Yukou chanted “Moment of Moving” and he had successfully booked a high-end vaccine.

After that, many netizens went to Caramel Brother Chen Jiaxing’s Facebook page to urge him to “fill in the high-end quickly”, and he also said that the appointment had already been completed and emphasized thatTHE“High-end vaccines are all good vaccines.” I urge everyone to make an appointment to get the vaccine.

Kuomintang legislator Lin Weizhou is sore. Political figures give one more shot of domestic vaccine, while Chinese people can get one more dose of international vaccine, and mark all DPP legislators under the post, asking them to “don’t forget their promise “.

So far, including Miaoli County Councillor Zeng Wenxue, DPP legislator Su Zhifen, Taiwan Foundation Progressive Party Organization Director Li Yuzhen, Councillor Lin Liangjun assistant Wu Zheng, famous mouth Huang Yuesui, and Sanli’s main anchor Zhang Lingyu have all expressed their opinions on Facebook. Willing to choose high-end on the registration platform.

The vaccination appointment platform will be reopened today (27) at 14:00

And add high-end vaccine options for the public to choose

Many legislators and celebrities have come out to state that they have made an appointment for high-end strikes.


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