High Power Lab leads the popularization of hydrogen delivery drones

High Power Lab, a research and development company specializing in hydrogen fuel cells, announced that it has completed the development of a hydrogen fuel cell drone for delivery and completed the design of a fuel cell mass production system for drones.

High Power Lab has been researching hydrogen fuel cells exclusively for drones in collaboration with the hydrogen fuel cell research center under the Russian Academy of Physical Chemistry Science and Technology (IPCP RAS), and announced the completion of the development of mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell drones after various commercialization tests. did.

Hydrogen fuel cell research center under IPCP RAS has established itself as the best hydrogen fuel cell research center in Russia and Eastern Europe by presenting various applications for commercialization of materials and parts by 600 researchers for the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology over the past 20 years. .

According to DrSc (Dr Science) and Prof (professor) Yury Dobrovolsky, who lead the research center, during the joint research and development of drone fuel cells with High Power Lab, Russia’s hydrogen fuel cell technology and Korea’s AI By combining technologies, it was possible to develop a high-performance hydrogen fuel cell drone, and based on these R&D achievements, it was possible to complete the design of a mass production system that can supply hydrogen fuel cells at low cost.

An official from High Power Lab said, “By establishing a mass production system for drones exclusively for hydrogen fuel cells, we will lead the popularization of drones in the market for commercialization of delivery drones, which requires about 3 million commercial drones by 2025.”

In the future, High Power Lab, DrSc, Prof. Yuri Dobrobolsky’s hydrogen research team plans to actively cooperate with the construction of hydrogen clusters in Korea and Russia, including joint research and development of various mobiles using hydrogen fuel cells.

Online JoongAng Ilbo

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