| Himanda Bishwa Sharma is the Chief Minister of Assam

Guwahati: The BJP Himanda Bishwa Sharma will be the next Chief Minister of Assam.

Sarbananda Sonawale, who led the previous government, suggested Sharma’s name in the assembly yesterday. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had approved the party’s decision to make Sharma the chief minister.

The BJP is in the 126-member assembly. Had won 60 seats. Allied AGP Nine UPPL It won all six seats.

The BJP has fielded Sonowal as its chief ministerial candidate in the 2016 assembly elections. He came to power in Assam for the first time. Sharma, who left the Congress a year ago, was hailed as the winner and made health minister.

Sharma was also adept at uniting anti-Congress parties across the north-eastern states. This time, the BJP has not nominated anyone as the chief minister. Faced with the election‌.


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