his 15 year old son between life and death, “his sister is shocked by what happened”

In 2012, Adrian Bayford and his wife became the third biggest EuroMillions winners by taking home no less than £ 148million, or € 187million. But since, difficult to say that the life of this Briton is a long calm river.

Quickly, the money had got the better of his marriage, while Adrian and his wife were parents of two children. And since then, Adrian has struggled to find love again. If he multiplies the meetings, he does not manage to find a woman who makes him happy. Samantha, one of his ex-conquests, had even fled with Adrian’s thirty thoroughbreds (for a value of nearly 350,000 euros), a car (for a value of nearly 75,000 euros) as well as the couple’s two dogs.

A relative of the winner even recently assured that he had to pay people to be his friends.

And, as if that were not enough, we learn that Adrian’s 15-year-old son is between life and death after a quad bike accident. He was indeed hit by a car driven by his sister while driving in their father’s property last Monday: “His sister is shocked by what happened, it’s a nightmare”, testified a friend of two children with the British media.

The quad and the car involved in the accident were gifts from Adrian to his children.


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