His girlfriend again soon? Pietro Lombardi wants to know from Laura whether she still loves him

After five years of being single, he finally showed himself freshly in love with the public again: influencer and paralegal Laura Maria Ripa (24) had taken Pietro Lombardis (28) heart by storm.

Or so it seemed. After only a few weeks, however, the separation followed again: “We decided together to end that,” the German singer said in an Insta story at the beginning of November, “it just wasn’t how it should be anymore. »

The rumors of love have now fueled the two themselves again: Laura hosted on late Monday evening her Instagram account a Q&A with their fans. Suddenly, Pietro Lombardi himself answered the question and answer session – and confronted his ex publicly with a direct question: does she still love him?

Laura avoided the question. Your hearty laugh speaks volumes … You can see her nondescript and at the same time meaningful reaction in the video above.

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