hit man murders man in Bogotá

The event was recorded in a security camera in the sector, in which a young man with a gray diver and a black suitcase stops a taxi at a SITP stop.

The victim takes his time getting into the car and, before he can close the door completely, another man appears, with a gun, who shoots him 3 times in front of the gaze of several passersby.

Later, the hit man goes for a run.

Immediately, two people who were witnesses to the crime approach the taxi, as can be seen in the following video, apparently to help the man who was seriously injured.

According to Citynoticias, the wounded man was transferred to the Simón Bolívar Hospital, but he died there.

The crime was committed, according to the authorities – cited by the media – by a “settling of accounts between criminal gangs”; and it is the second homicide that occurs in a week, in the El Codito neighborhood, in the town of Usaquen.

Likewise, insecurity has been experienced in other sectors of BogotaWell, just a day ago a woman was killed by hitmen who traveled on a motorcycle in Fontibón, not counting the robberies that hundreds of citizens have reported.


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