Hitmen assassinated former ‘Beto’ Renteria in Tuluá – Cali – Colombia

Senior police sources confirmed that the former Norte de Valle cartel, who had returned to the country several years ago after being extradited to the US, was murdered in Tuluá while visiting acquaintances.

The murder caused a commotion in this municipality of the Valley.

Carlos Alberto Renteria, known as ‘Beto’ Renteria, was apparently at a home in the Sajonia neighborhood of Tuluá.

At least two men arrived there, one of whom took the opportunity to shoot him on the threshold of the house, according to the first versions.

Renteria, 74, had served a seven-year prison sentence for drug trafficking in the United States. He was captured on July 4, 2010 in Venezuela.

Two years ago, when he returned to the country, this newspaper reported that “over the years he spent in detention, it seems that ‘Beto’ Renteria began to weigh the violent disputes that he had with the Rodríguez Orejuela brothers for control of drug trafficking in the north del Valle (…) he looked gray, tired and with several kilos less “

Before being arrested, he had been dealing cocaine since the 1980s and, in the early 1990s, with the fall of the Medellín cartel, he consolidated his power in the north of the Valley, despite always having a low profile.

When he fled to Venezuela, he underwent different plastic surgeries to evade the authorities. Because of this, the DEA set a price for his capture: $ 5 million.

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‘Beto’ removed the mustache with which he was recognized on the “Wanted” posters that circulated in both countries and traveled continuously to Argentina, but, at the time, he was located thanks to an informant who had cooperated with the location of one of his close men and liaison in Venezuela.



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