Holiday season: 4 days that are not chosen at random

It is not without reason that the Legault government chose to allow family reunions for four days during the holiday season.

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While many believe that this period is too short to accommodate everyone, it was nevertheless chosen to minimize the risk of transmission, explained epidemiologist Nimâ Machouf in an interview with LCN.

“There is a logic that must be accepted. Let’s say there is someone who has not respected their quarantine [avant les Fêtes], who is infected, who does not know it and is in the family reunion on day 1. Even if this person infects people, then people who are infected will not be contagious, ”believes she does.

“They will not be able to transmit the disease to others during these four days, because it takes enough virus to be able to transmit them to others,” she said.

Even if 10 people will be allowed to meet for four days, public health encourages the population to limit themselves to one or two gatherings.

Public health will also recommend wearing a mask or a face cover, respecting the two-meter distance, opening a window, washing your hands. It will also be necessary to limit the sharing of objects or utensils.

A guide to good practices to adopt during these gatherings will be published soon.

*** See his full interview in the video above. ***


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