Holiday season: the “moral contract” is not unanimous

Across the province, Premier Legault’s “moral contract” for Christmas is not unanimous, particularly among medical staff.

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The decision to allow family gatherings of just ten people from December 24-27 is not for everyone.

“Sad to see that the medical staff are not considered, especially since we have to work every other party. We should have had two days for Christmas and two more days for New Years. The question deserves to be raised to our elected officials, ”says Pascal Chabot, emergency nurse at the Montreal Heart Institute.

“And the confinement before and after for health workers, how do we do that?”, Also launched an emergency doctor from Lévis, in Chaudière-Appalaches.

“In the police force you often have to choose between Christmas and New Years. You have to think about those who are on relief shifts, ”also mentioned a retired Laval police sergeant.

A sign that many people have reached their personal limit, the reactions have been very numerous.

“Until now Mr. Legault, I followed the rules, but your guardian angels who work from December 24 to 27, do you think they will prevent themselves from celebrating Christmas on another date?” another worker asked.

In the evening Thursday, the discontent was not only in the field of health.

“The more they forbid, the more they choose, the more they dictate, the less we will listen to them. I will not sign their contract because the government has no business in my house. On New Year’s Day, it’s going to celebrate like never before, ”believes Lydia Légaré, from Saint-Étienne, near Quebec.

Other Quebecers are much less severe with regard to the measures announced.

“It’s a good thing because people will do it anyway. It is a good idea to frame it with a period of quarantine. The rules are clear but will they be respected? Are we going to regret it? Probably, but people really need it. There is no perfect balance, ”says Annick Veilleux of Saint-Georges.

“I agree with the moral contract but you have to be very mature in order to respect the various clauses. Moments with our families have been rarer since the start of the pandemic and these ties are very precious for comfort, ”added Annie Girard, from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, a region hard hit at the moment.

The newspaper also received a reaction in Lac-Mégantic.

“I won’t take any chances. I understand the social needs and the importance of this holiday but for me, not at the expense of the health of those I love. As an employer, I also have a lot of fears for the beginning of 2021 if employees are not careful, ”commented Dominique Bilodeau.

In Gaspésie, in Baie-des-Chaleurs, a father is preparing, despite the health rules, a Christmas to his liking.

“On the 24th, we go snowshoeing in the woods and we have our New Year’s Eve in FaceTime with the family. We don’t need our government to dictate our conduct. We are aware that our actions can make a difference, ”explained Marc-Wayne Addison.


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