Holidays in Italy 2020: Can you travel despite Corona? The current situation

I.talien will reopen from June 3rd. From this date, holidaymakers should also be able to enter EU countries and travel within Italy without restrictions.

This also means that the two-week quarantine after entry will cease to apply from June 3. In isolation, only those who have had contact with infected people or who have themselves tested positive. Until then, entry is only possible in exceptional cases, such as for Italians who are abroad and want to return to their home country, or foreigners who are resident in Italy.

The airports are also expected to reopen from June 3. Then domestic and international travel should be allowed again, which is why transport restrictions could be lifted, said Minister of Transport Paola De Micheli in Rome. Accordingly, there are again more train connections within Italy.

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Since May 18, cafés, bars, restaurants, hairdressing salons and cosmetic studios as well as boutiques and other retail shops have been able to open again. Museums and libraries can open. You can also go back to the beach or meet friends. Services are also allowed again.

Distance rules apply to all activities. Masks are mandatory in closed rooms or where a minimum distance of one meter cannot be guaranteed.

Corona measures on beaches in Italy

For the visit to beaches, a complex guide was presented, which should apply throughout Italy. Each parasol should have a space of ten square meters around it. Sun beds without a parasol must be 1.5 meters apart and disinfected after each change of ownership.

Bookings for access to beach resorts are designed to prevent people from frying too close together in the sun. Buffets in hotels are prohibited. Disinfectants must be available everywhere.

Veneto advertises “Covid-free” vacation

The Veneto region with the Unesco city of Venice is already wooing German vacationers. “We are open, we are the region that immediately reopened the beaches,” said regional president Luca Zaia in Rome. “We are ready to receive people from all over the world.”

Veneto is like “a home” for Germans and Austrians. Many people in the region would also speak German. He guarantees all travelers a “Covid-free” vacation because the region’s health system is excellent. “I’m optimistic about the summer season.”

Because of Corona – Clear water in the canals of Venice

Venice is deserted. The corona virus has brought the Italian city to a standstill. This has positive consequences for Venice’s famous canals. Some even want to see dolphins.

Venice – the city that is usually overrun by tourists – was particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis. Zaia recalled the accident last year when a cruise ship sailed to a pier in Venice. In addition, a devastating flood occurred last autumn. The entire region will lose around 50,000 jobs, including 35,000 in tourism, as a result of the crisis, said Zaia.

In February, one of the first two Corona outbreaks in Italy was announced in the northern Italian region. In contrast to Lombardy, Veneto got a better grip on the crisis, also because a lot of testing was done.

In addition to Veneto, the region of Sardinia also advertises that it is “Covid-free”, which means that the situation is under control, although there were of course infections as well. The number of cases has been falling in Italy for a long time.

South Tyrol has its own rules for vacationers

South Tyrol had chosen a special way to lift restrictions in the region. As in all of Italy, entry for German holidaymakers is only possible without restrictions from June 3rd. However, accommodations can already be booked now. The hotels will open on May 25, as will the cable cars.

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Here too, distance rules and other safety precautions are used. These can be found on the official tourism website of the IDM Südtirol ( Whoever is on the move must keep two meters away from people with whom they do not live. If there is less distance, the nose and mouth must be covered. Mouth-nose protection and a distance of at least one meter are mandatory in closed rooms. Access regulations are intended to avoid overcrowding.

Physical activities outside are allowed. A distance of three meters from other people must be observed (unless they belong to the same household), and respiratory protection must be used if they fall short. “Tourist offers are possible while maintaining the safety distance and with mouth-nose protection,” continues the South Tyrol website.

Entry via Austria possible by car

Arno Kompscher, Governor of South Tyrol, confirmed that entry to Italy via Austria will be possible from June 3rd. The general travel warning in Germany is due to expire on June 14th. Subject to the development of infection, South Tyrol holidaymakers can then enter Austria by car without stopping, provided that the departure is ensured in their country of origin.

For example, a hotel confirmation is sufficient for the transit. Refueling stops and short breaks are also allowed, as the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior confirmed upon request from South Tyrol.

Corona tests for hotel employees – and guests

Starting in mid-June, when the travel warning in Germany no longer applies, employees in hotels and other tourist businesses should have themselves tested weekly, said South Tyrolean Prime Minister Arno Kompscher. The healthcare company pays the costs.

“The situation in South Tyrol is currently very stable and we hardly have any new infections. Extensive tests are now an important tool for preventing new sources of infection,” says Kompscher.

Guest businesses in South Tyrol should also be able to offer Corona rapid tests as a service to their guests on a voluntary basis.

Strict security rules in South Tyrol

South Tyrol’s rules, which serve to ensure the greatest possible health for guests and locals, go beyond the requirements of the central government of Italy.

This includes the legally required, above-average distance control. If the distance rule cannot be observed, a mask is mandatory throughout South Tyrol.

Accommodation limits the number of guests

Special conditions apply to the accommodations. In addition to the rules that also apply in general, this includes restrictions on the number of people: in communal areas, swimming pools and wellness areas, the 1:10 rule applies (ten square meters per person).

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On the other hand, only as many guests are allowed in the dining room and bar area as there are seats. Clearance rules apply between the tables. No masks have to be worn at the table, they are mandatory at the buffet and the use of disposable gloves.

Outdoor hotel swimming pools are allowed to open, while indoor pools and saunas are currently closed, unless they have a Covid-Protected Area, where special security measures apply to employees and guests.

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Italy is preparing for the return of tourists

Italy was the most affected by the novel corona virus in Europe. Now the country wants to regain a piece of normalcy and is implementing its easing plan. So tourists will soon be able to enter again.


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