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The Hollywood science fiction giant “Dune” has recently won box office titles in many regions around the world, and Rotten Tomatoes’ praise rate has risen steadily as high as 91%, making Chinese audiences more and more looking forward to witnessing the legend on the big screen. The “Foreseeing Dreams” feature released a few days ago revealed the special ability of the young hero Paul to predict the future and the secrets of his relationship with “Dream Lover” Chini.

The film is directed by Dennis Villeneuve, the new godfather of science fiction films who have created “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049”, “Sweet Tea” Timothy Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Starring Josh Brolin, Strand Skarsgard, Dave Batista, Zandaya, Zhang Zhen, Jason Momoa, Javier Baden, etc., will be on October 22 Screened nationwide in Japan, the top science fictions set off an audio-visual feast.

Paul’s “dream lover” Chini is actually a Freeman warrior

The young hero predicts the future sweet tea Zandaya locks in the “soul CP” in the dream

In the newly released “Foreseeing Dreams” special edition, it can be seen that Paul Etridi, played by “Sweet Tea” Timothy Chalamet, has the special ability to predict the future, and the things that happen in his dreams are always fulfilled in reality. Tiancha revealed that “this story is related to first love and the establishment of ambition”, and the tragic wars and mysterious girls that frequently appear in the dreams seem to herald his future.

Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece

The fate of Paul and Chini is linked by the Battle of Dune Planet

In the legend of the Fremans, there is a savior who will lead them to resist powerful enemies and save the universe. Paul is the young hero who has high hopes, and the Freman girl Chini played by Zandaya has a mysterious connection with him. The pair of “soul CPs” in the film have become friends who appreciate each other outside the film. Zandaya said, “I admire Timothy. He has become my closest and most precious friend.” It seems that not only the story goes. Curiously, the wonderful performance of Sweet Tea and Zandaya is also worth looking forward to.

Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece

Paul’s special ability to foresee the future is destined to shoulder great responsibilities

Warrior Chini demonstrates female power and fights alongside heroes to “face up to fear”

“Dune” is a movie about adventure, but also a movie about growth. And adventure and growth don’t just belong to Paul, Chiney also does the same. The protracted war with the Hacknan family made the Fremans very fancy fighting strength. As a young generation of Freeman warriors, Chini, together with the Sisterhood, Mrs. Jessica, and Dr. Keynes, constitute the female power in Dune.

Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece

Chini frequently appears in Paul’s dreams

Chini not only fought side by side with the savior Paul to guard the planet of dunes and resisted the stormy invasion of the Hacknan army, but also gave encouragement when Paul fell into confusion, “You need to face your fears.” As director Villeneuve said in the special, “Cini, she will be Paul’s right-hand man, and she will become Paul’s soul.” What role will the Freman warrior Chini, who knows how to use the power of the desert, play in the war? May as well walk into the theater to reveal the answer.

The Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece “Dune” will land on the national theaters on October 22. Multiple formats such as IMAX and IMAX 3D will be released simultaneously, so stay tuned.


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