“Hon Hai Carnival of Love” Liu Yangwei: Hon Hai is undergoing a gorgeous transformation to prove its core capabilities of vertical integration to the world | Anue Juheng – Taiwan Stock News

Hon Hai (2317-TW) Chairman Liu Yangwei said today (23) that Hon Hai is undergoing a magnificent transformation and the development of new businesses is in full swing. The outside world is leading expectations and will once again prove to the world Hon Hai’s core capability of “vertical integration”.

Liu Yangwei said that the next two Next Big Things will be electric vehicles (EV) and Metaverse. At last year’s Hon Hai Technology Day HHTD, in addition to showing three electric vehicles, the achievements of the technology day were also presented in a virtual way. Simultaneously presented in the Metaverse, Hon Hai will play an important role in the future Metaverse world, whether it is hardware or software.

Liu Yangwei further stated that at present, EV has also acquired important customers in the United States, Southeast Asia and Europe, and obtained a production base in the United States, which has advanced the development schedule of the group by one year. There are also many key components in research and development and strategic cooperation. Progress and move from round four to round two.

Semiconductors are also a key part of Hon Hai’s EV deployment. Liu Yangwei said that in addition to acquiring or investing in two wafer factories and a packaging plant, it also established a partnership with the world’s fourth largest automaker in the field of semiconductor design, aiming to design a series of special automotive applications. chips, enabling semiconductor capabilities to provide value-added services to ICT and EV customers.

In addition, Liu Yangwei is also optimistic that low-orbit satellites will enable global mobile communications to enter the 3D era. With the more mature satellite launch technology, the maintenance and operation costs will be greatly reduced. The development of satellite communications and the output value of the future industrial chain will bring Taiwan’s information and communications industry and Hon Hai. Another opportunity for transformation and upgrading.

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