Honda takes the number 1 spot in the passenger car market in 2021 for another year

Monday, January 24, 2022, 6:28 p.m.

Honda takes the number 1 spot in the passenger car market in 2021 for another year

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. announces its operating results for the year 2021, able to occupy the No. 1 position in the passenger car market in 2021 in Thailand (January – December 2021) with cumulative sales of 88,692 vehicles, holding market share. 27.9% and stay number 1 for another year It is also a leader in 4 main segments, reinforcing its reputation as a popular brand in Thailand. Ready to continue to create the highest satisfaction for customers by upgrading after-sales service that meets various lifestyles. under the same standard from 229 showrooms and service centers across the country

Mr. Noriyuki Takakura, President and CEO of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “Honda would like to thank our customers for their continued trust in the Honda brand. In the past 2021, it has been another challenging year for working in the epidemic situation of COVID-19. causing us to modify the work to be consistent and keep up with the situation at all times to meet the changing needs and behaviors of customers With commitment and dedication to the work of Honda, dealers and all sectors that support Honda. As a result, we have gained confidence and trust from customers all over the country. With cumulative sales of 88,692 units, occupying the number one market share with a share of 27.9%, in 2022 it is expected that the epidemic of COVID-19 and the economy will tend to be in a better direction. Honda would like to cheer everyone up. And hope to continue to receive such great support.”

which Honda can occupy the No. 1 position in 4 main segments, namely

1. B and B-Eco Sedan segments: Cumulative sales of 23,490 units, or 28.2%.

• Honda City Turbo, cumulative sales of 21,221 units.

• Honda City E:HEV, cumulative sales of 2,269 units.

2. B and B-Eco Sedan and Hatchback segments: Cumulative sales of 47,962 units, or 29.8%.

• Honda City Series, cumulative sales of 47,962 units.

3. Compact car group (C-segment) cumulative sales of 16,092 units or 65.9%

• Honda Civic continues to be the leader. Cumulative sales of 14,755 units

• Honda Civic Hatchback, cumulative sales of 1,337 units.

4. Large SUV segment (L-SUV segment) Cumulative sales of 4,938 units or 45.7%

• Honda CR-V accumulated sales of 4,938 units.

in the past year Honda has introduced an intelligent and powerful driving system to Thai customers. with a full hybrid vehicle E:HEV that comes with Honda SENSING intelligent safety technology covering a wide range of segments, including the Honda HR-V, E:H New EVs that were introduced at the end of last year include the Honda City E:HEV, the Honda City Hatchback E:HEV and the Honda Accord E:A. CHEV makes E:HEV full-hybrid vehicles more popular. which can meet the needs of customers in terms of powerful driving performance that comes with safety technology and provide excellent fuel economy rates

For operations in 2022, Honda will continue to provide maximum customer satisfaction. By creating and developing cutting-edge quality vehicles with driving technology and safety. by aiming for a pollution-free society and creating an accident-free society according to the goals of 2050, including upgrading the after-sales service which increases convenience and peace of mind in using a full range of services under the same standard from 229 showrooms and service centers nationwide ready to meet all the needs of customers with a team of experts and a lot of experience In addition, various service packages To give customers confidence in Honda products and services.


– Market share and growth rate of car sales in 2021, an overall projection based on sales forecasts of some carmakers.

– Cumulative sales and market share include multi-purpose vehicles

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