“Hong Kong can now expect the worst! “

“It is a terrible decision for Hong Kong. Since yesterday evening (Thursday, May 21) I have been inquiring in detail about the nature of this new “national security” law that the Chinese deputies in Beijing will incorporate into the Constitution of Hong Kong. It also appears that the Beijing authorities will establish a special autonomous office based in Hong Kong to verify the application of this law.

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“This law imposed in Hong Kong is stupid”

I listen to all the reactions coming from the local political circles and abroad and I think that this political step of Beijing is very very bad for everyone, for the freedoms of Hong Kongers, the reputation of the Chinese Communist Party and for peace in the world. This law imposed in Hong Kong is stupid.

I am not yet in a position to draw definitive conclusions because we have to see how and when the Chinese MPs are going to vote on it, promulgate it and then apply it in the near future. We will also have to observe how the Hong Kong government will react and especially how it will use this law or not in the face of local protests which have lasted for years.

“China has become an increasingly totalitarian country”

There is of course concern and anger in Hong Kong because we feel that it risks losing its uniqueness to become a simple Chinese city like the others where freedoms no longer exist. I am afraid that we will lose our autonomy, which was promised by the Beijing regime years ago in the joint Sino-British declaration of 1984. Beijing is the source of all of Hong Kong’s current problems. However, it is necessary to try to calm the tensions and avoid new confrontations in the future.

We are all worried in Hong Kong and many will flee abroad because even the West seems to have given up hope by realizing China’s aggressive behavior. Since the handover of Hong Kong on July 1, 1997, the Chinese regime has not ceased to transform itself into an increasingly totalitarian regime, within its borders as for Hong Kong or Taiwan. Hong Kong is expecting the worst now and I don’t see what we could do unless there was a strong international response. “


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