Hopper is back! Valentine’s Day teaser for ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 shows that David Harbor is still alive … in Russia

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In the event that you no longer fall in love Strange things After the events of season three finale, Netflix has just released a Valentine’s Day surprise to woo you back. A short teaser trailer for the fourth season of the show, titled “From Russia With Love,” confirmed what many (including us) suspected: Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbor) survived the explosion that struck the Starcourt Mall and the gateway to the upside Down destroyed The secret Soviet owners of the shopping mecca tried to open again. As a “reward” for putting his life at risk, Hopper was brought back to the United States, where he had the scratch shaved and wanted to build a railroad on the Arctic Russian tundra. “Happy Valentine’s Day to the faithful,” Harbor wrote in an Instagram post announcing the news of Hopper’s return. (Check out the trailer above.)

The specific explanation for Hopper’s expected resurrection will no doubt be set out in Season 4, which will appear on Netflix later this year. In a statement, Strange things Creators Matt and Ross Duffer revealed that the sheriff has more to fear than the icy temperatures of the Kamchatka Peninsula. “It is not all good news for our” American “. He is locked away from home in the snowy Kamchatka wasteland where he will be exposed to both human and other dangers,” the duo writes a new horror to the US, something long buried, something that connects everything … Season 4 will be the biggest and most scary season yet, and we can’t wait to see everyone more. In the meantime, pray for the American. “

If Hopper survives, we hope that his third season arch enemy, Grigori (played by Andrey Ivchenko), will make it alive. When we talked to Ivchenko last year, the Ukrainian-born actor came up with his own theory of how his terminating assassin might be back: “Hopper throws me in the cannon while the cannon shoots the truck to do the upside down Open gate. And this gate is slightly open, with a clear crack in the wall. If he throws me in the cannon, I can easily be turned upside down. That could happen, you know? I could be upside down. “

Meanwhile, Strange things Fans wake up to a surprise for Valentine’s Day, which has resulted in an outpouring of love on Twitter.

Many also note the time of Hopper’s stay in Russia and the impending arrival of Marvel Black widowin which the actor plays the Red Guardian, Natasha Romanoff’s former teammate and the Soviet response to Captain America.

If we are set up for a Strange things/ Marvel Cinematic Universe Crossover, we are now releasing this: Jonathan Byers for Johnny Storm.

All three seasons of Strange things are currently streaming on Netflix; Season 4 will premiere later this year

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