Horror flight to Hawaii: Airbus has to turn back three times

Hawaiian Airlines
Horror flight to Hawaii: Airbus has to turn back three times

After three attempts, flight HA33 was canceled: an Airbus A330-200 from Hawaiian Airlines at Los Angeles Airport

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The Hawaii vacationers had to be extremely patient: their jet took off for the dream islands three times and had to fly back to Los Angeles three times. Then the pilot made a bitter decision.

First of all, everything is going according to plan: The large Airbus from Hawaiian Airlines will taxi as planned at Los Angeles Airport at around 9 a.m. on Friday for take-off towards the Hawaiian island of Maui. But shortly after taking off, there was a technical problem. Due to a defect in the navigation instruments, the cockpit crew decides to return to the starting point.

But since the machine for the six-hour flight to Kahului Airport is full of kerosene, the Airbus A330-200 first has to drain kerosene. Instead of flying over the open sea in the direction of Hawaii, the machine turns several holding loops over the Channel Islands. On Flightradar24.com you can clearly see how the Airbus is circling over the archipelago of southern California with the national park of the same name.

Hawaiian Airlines: Horror flight to Hawaii: Airbus has to turn back three times

The long-haul plane then lands safely at Los Angeles International Airport. After the defect has been rectified, the machine starts again. Even with the second attempt, the aircraft with its 207 passengers on board did not get far, but at least a little further than the first: Due to another error, the five-year-old Airbus with the registration N395HA had to abort the cruise again, as reported by “CNN” . The jet makes a 180 degree loop over the Pacific Ocean and lands on Los Angeles Runway 24R.

Hotel in LA instead of Hawaii

Then the Airbus rolls a third time to the runway with the destination Maui. But the start is aborted because something is wrong again. The machine returns to the gate. Flight HA33 is now completely canceled.

“Safety is our number one priority and we apologize for the inconvenience to all of our guests who were on board flight HA33 from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Maui Kahului Airport today,” a Hawaiian Airlines spokesman later confirmed. “We understand the disappointment of our guests and deeply regret that their travel plans have been disrupted.”

What follows is anything but smooth rebooking of passengers. Not all of them can fly on the same day. Some land at a hotel at Los Angeles Airport instead of Hawaii. Family members are separated from each other. A music group member tweeted desperately from Los Angeles at @ ReyesDelNorte96: “We’re still here 24 hours later. We’re going to perform tonight and we will probably miss our performance because the airline insists on taking out TWICE with broken planes.”

According to its own information, the airline compensated its passengers with a credit of 100 US dollars per person. Hawaiian Airlines seems to have been unlucky recently: just a week earlier, a flight attendant suffered a heart attack during a flight from Honolulu to JFK Airport and died on board. The plane landed in San Francisco on an unscheduled basis.

A passenger with a ticket on the flight from Los Angeles to Maui has already drawn her conclusions: “That was my first and last flight with HawaiinAir,” tweeted Britany Linton.


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