Horror in Blue: a 16-year-old teenager stabbed his 13-year-old girlfriend several times, leaving her in serious condition

In this corner they found the weapon used by the aggressor

The Buenos Aires city of Azul was shaken in recent days after a brutal femicide attempt that had two minors as protagonists: a 16-year-old teenager stabbed his girlfriend, a girl of only 13, at least four times, leaving her in serious condition. As confirmed by police sources Infobae, the aggressor was detained in a juvenile institute.

The incident occurred on Tuesday on San Martín Street between Leyría and Castellar, a few blocks from the Municipality of Azul. There, in circumstances that have not yet been clarified, a young man identified as C. stabbed M., his partner, several times. Two of the stab wounds caused the girl “lacerations in both lungs, with risk of life” and that is why she had to immediately enter the operating room, confirmed the sources consulted by this means. At the moment M. remains admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Maternal and Child Hospital.

Seconds after the attack, C. fled but shortly before 11 pm on the same day as the femicide attempt, he was handed over to the police by his own father at the headquarters of the first police station in Azul. By order of the Judge of Guarantees of the Young, Javier Barda, C. was apprehended and transferred to his house. However, hours later, his situation worsened and he was detained at the Leopoldo Lugones Closed Institute for Minors, in the same town.

In addition, the prosecutor of the Juvenile Responsibility Court of the Azul Judicial Department intervened in the case, Mariela Viceconte. For the time being, C. was charged with the crime of attempted femicide.

According to the local newspaper Time, which cites judicial sources, the 16-year-old teenager pounced on his girlfriend without saying a word and began to stab her in the back with the knife she was carrying. It also produced cuts on his neck. The knife is already in the possession of the investigators. According to the newspaper, the victim was walking back with a friend after doing some shopping at a greengrocer, located a few blocks away.

The medical report indicated that the wounds caused a “hemopneumothorax and a pneumothorax.” Among other data, it was indicated that the minor had to be placed in a pleural fan tube to remove the blood and air that was in the pleura as a result of the blows.

According to witnesses, the weapon was described as “a wide pointed, razor-type metal blade” and was found lying under a car about two blocks from the scene of the attack. According to Radio Azul, a local station, in total the attacker had stabbed him four times. Although the sources consulted by Infobae maintained that C. is M.’s boyfriend, it transpired in the local media that in reality the relationship between the adolescents had already ended. It will be a piece of information that the Vice-Count prosecutor must corroborate to try to clarify the details of the attack. “In order to take his life, he stabbed him with a knife in the back and neck area,” a source from the prosecution told the local newspaper.

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