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With the Covid-19 pandemic, the health sector showed the great shortcomings that exist in terms of infrastructure and lack of modernization of its medical centers and outpatient care. This caused in part the multiple complaints that there were due to poor patient care, and the deficiency in processes as essential as medical care, procedures, tests, and the diagnosis itself.

A report carried out by the Colombian Medical Federation and the Colombian Medical Association, in which 939 health professionals were surveyed, showed that 58% of those surveyed considered that the staff in their care center was terrible or bad. What’s more, Most pointed out that there were no isolation areas within the hospitals and there was not enough infrastructure to deal with crises such as the one that is currently happening.

According to Alejandra Ordóñez, manager of the Clínica la Carolina SA who recently implemented the modernization plan for this institution, a clinic based on avant-garde hospital architecture must take into account modern spaces, parametric designs, that is, have an optimal model to adapt to all health facilities and guarantee their proper functioning, and should even consider technological inclusion.

And he explained that “These spaces must guarantee medical personnel, patients and their companions the integration of processes that guarantee their comfort and well-being, becoming an essential element for health care”. As for the medical staff, adequate rooms should be set up to rest. While the operation sites require biosafety elements required by the control entities such as good ventilation, light and specialized equipment.

It is estimated that there are 1,965 health centers in the country that have been adapted during the last two years to deal with emergencies caused by the virus, however, this is still not enough and a transformation in the development of hospital architecture is required. In colombia.

After 30 years of experience and becoming a benchmark in ambulatory surgery, Clínica La Carolina SA is an innovative example of hospital architecture, thanks to its constant changes in its infrastructure. One of the most recent was its air with HEPA filter, whose function is to eliminate polluting particles such as mold spores, mites and dust.

Even, according to the European standard, a certified HEPA filter may be able to eliminate at least 99.95% of the suspended particles in the air flow that passes through it; something of vital importance in the midst of the situation, where the filtering of infectious or contaminating agents reduces the spread of covid-19 indoors.

For the same purpose, they included an antimicrobial ductwork. While looking for the comfort of both patients and doctors who usually provide services in the clinic, hotel-type rooms were developed, in which the entrance of natural light is prioritized, they are spacious, and have ergonomic furniture that has been designed in depending on the people and their waiting times.

As for workers in the health area, they now have new spaces to rest or eat, where interior design is harmoniously combined with glamorous decorative details, in order to promote a good work environment, but also to enrich the experiences of those who are there.

Likewise, a new and robust software was included to have all the information available in the cloud with Amazon servers. This is a great step that is beginning to be taken in Colombia, and that opens the doors to the future of architecture in medical centers, where it is estimated that in a few years it will have to integrate artificial intelligence and big data.

From the importance of light, thermal comfort, silence, landscaping, sustainability and interior design in a hospital, they have become determining elements for the people who occupy them to feel greater physical and emotional well-being. Or at least, that is how Clínica la Carolina SA has always been considered, which, based on the idea of ​​the constant evolution of its spaces, has also become a benchmark for hospital architecture, to which new doctors arrive daily to lend your services.

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