Hospitals record 436 new deaths in 24 hours

Coronavirus: Hospitals record 436 new deaths in 24 hours (Illustration) – Daniel Cole / AP / SIPA

In the last twenty-four hours, 2,221 Covid-19 patients have been hospitalized, including 311 in intensive care,
according to the French public health agency. The number of patients currently in intensive care (the most serious cases) is declining slowly: it is 4,637, against 4,884 last Thursday and 4,759 Wednesday.

In total, 32,314 coronavirus patients are hospitalized.

More than 47,000 deaths since the start of the epidemic

“The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic in France is 47,127, including 32,597 among hospitalized people and 14,530 among residents in nursing homes and other medico-social establishments,” said Professor Salomon.

According to Public Health France, 436 deaths have been reported in hospital in the past twenty-four hours.

According to the latest figures, unveiled at this press conference by Jérôme Salomon, 2,086,288 people have been infected in France since the start of the pandemic. This represents 21,150 additional cases of contamination in the last twenty-four hours, against nearly 43,000 last Thursday.

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