Hot Wheels Unleashed will soon be doing its rounds in Gotham City | Free

Hot Wheels Unleashed is available in stores for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and digitally for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Milestone has now announced exciting content, both free and in the premium model, for Hot Wheels Unleashed an.

The DC Super Villains Racing Season starts on November 11th, 2021 and includes tons of new content that can be unlocked through specific season challenges. The DC-Super-Villains-Racing-Season starts with six vehicles. The racers from Bane, The Cheetah, Poison Ivy, Black Manta, Deathstroke and Harley Quinn are at the start. Furthermore, items are available for the personal basement and the player profiles, as well as equipment and coins for all players. The season starts on November 11th and ends on January 18th, 2022.

The Batman expansion features new content related to Gotham’s most famous superheroes. Gotham is the inspiration for a new career map and the Batcave and many routes are available as a new environment. The expansion includes five new vehicles: The Penguin, Robin 2.0T, Armored Batman, Batman Rebirth and The Joker GT. The Joker Funhouse Split is included in the pack as a new Track Builder module along with other customization items. The Batman expansion is part of the HOT WHEELS Pass Vol. 1 or can be purchased separately from December 2nd.

Hot Wheels Unleashed offers players the opportunity to play with the cars in the same way as with the real small (PS) bullets. The gameplay convinces with adrenaline-charged races and a huge selection of sparkling Hot Wheels vehicles, with different attributes and rarity levels, which players can additionally embellish with skins. The breathtaking routes are set up in everyday surroundings and come with special route pieces and interactive objects. The revolutionary track editor is a very special feature with which players can create their own, unique and changeable routes and then share them with the community.


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