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Metropolis Express report In the past weekend, Hangzhou finally has what it should be like in autumn: the autumn is high and the city is full of osmanthus.

After the continuous rainy and cooling weather ended, the two air forces of cold and warm have been relatively “dissipated” recently. The fine and good weather in Hangzhou has gradually increased, and the temperature has risen steadily. Yesterday morning, the lowest temperature in the main urban area was 14℃. Although there were many clouds, the highest temperature was still 20.5℃.

The new week is still dominated by fine weather. It is cloudy today, with a maximum temperature of 21°C during the day and a minimum temperature of 11°C in the morning. The Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory said that before the end of the month, the city was sunny and rainy, with weak rainfall during the day on the 26th and the night on the 29th. Cloudy weather prevailed at other times. The temperature has risen compared to the previous period. In the next few days, the lowest temperature in the morning will be 10-14℃, and the highest temperature during the day will be 19-22℃.

The next four or five days will be the best time to appreciate Osmanthus

The weather is fine, and the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus that everyone has been looking forward to has floated all over the city these days. Many friends said that the sweet-scented osmanthus that came late this year seems to be particularly fragrant. In addition to psychological reasons, the weather in Zhejiang said that it was also due to the late and violent cooling this year. The temperature conditions made the early autumn osmanthus bloom late and the late autumn osmanthus bloom early. As a result, a situation that has been rare for many years: all the osmanthus that should be bloomed. Blooming almost at the same time, “simultaneous blooming” naturally means that the aroma is much greater than in previous years.

At present, most of the osmanthus in the city is in the fragrant eye period, the first flowering period and the early blooming period. It is the most aromatic stage in the entire flowering period of the osmanthus. It is expected that the next four or five days will be the best time for this year to enjoy the osmanthus.

In addition, the recent weather has a feature: the daily temperature difference is relatively large, and it will be cooler in the morning and evening. This is because the sun is still relatively strong when it is sunny during this season, the temperature rises quickly during the day, the night time is long, and the temperature drop is large, and the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large. It’s warm at noon and chill in the morning and evening. Please remember not to blindly “freeze in autumn”. It is best to adopt the “onion dressing method”.

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