How do you choose a name that achieves success for your business?

  • Jonty Bloom
  • BBC

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The outbreak of the Corona virus has led to a boom in e-commerce, which has led to a rise in the number of new companies in the online retail sector

Although William Shakespeare wrote that “a rose would still smell sweet even if it were called by any other name”, it would not at all be a good idea to call a new online flower delivery service, say, “smelly thistles”!

Choosing a good name is very important for new companies that want to stand out from the crowd and connect with customers.

With our world increasingly moving towards the Internet, new companies need an attractive name on the Internet. These companies cannot be satisfied with providing a good product or service, but they must choose a name that makes the shopper find it easily and always remember it.

This issue is of great importance at the present time, given the high number of new companies established during the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

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