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How important it is to be a good co-pilot or passenger when traveling by car


Road safety
It doesn’t just depend on the driver. Influences on it, and much, the attitude of the rest of the passengers, who must keep an excellent behavior inside the passenger compartment, at all times following the driver’s instructions to avoid any misunderstanding and therefore a possible traffic accident. For this reason, from ALD Automotive they offer us a series of tips to be taken into account by fellow travelers.

-Stay awake: one of the most popular mistakes among co-pilots is falling asleep during a long trip. It is important to stay active and aware of the road to observe any unforeseen events, as the driver can focus on driving. In addition, if our partner stays awake, he will give us conversation in monotonous journeys and will assist us in case we need sunglasses, water to avoid dehydration, etc.

– Do not distract the driver: the co-driver must keep the driver awake, however, it is important that he does not neglect his attention from the road. We must adapt our behavior to our partner, making the trip enjoyable. It is advisable to help you in handling devices that may distract you like GPS or mobile phone.

-Inspire confidence and security
d: when we sit in the front seat, we must adopt a calm and calm attitude. It is advisable not to be afraid of sudden braking or alert to an obstacle. These attitudes can bother and make the driver nervous, altering his driving state.

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-Help in the indications: when we travel on an unknown road, if we know the road, we must support our pilot with precise and easy to understand indications. Instead, it is advised not to distract the driver with contradictory signals.

-Respect its rules: when we sit inside a vehicle that is not ours, we must accept the rules of its owner. No smoking, no barefoot or no eating are some of the situations that can generate more conflicts between the driver and the co-pilot.

In addition to these recommendations, ALD Automotive emphasizes the need to change drivers on long journeys. “Rest every two hours of travel is required and necessary, so it is important to have a co-driver who has a driver’s license and is willing to drive in any situation,” explains Javier Cabanas, director of the Driving School of ALD Automotive .


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