How much money Jeff Bezos makes per minute, hour and day

This Tuesday, November 24, the list of the richest men in the world was moved, after Elon Musk will surpass in second place Bill Gates. Tesla shares soared recently and so the fortune of the founder of that electric car company exceeded 128,000 million dollars.

However, what happens with Musk does not even disturb Jeff Bezos, the man most millionaire of the Earth, since the owner of Amazon He has a fortune valued at $ 182 billion. This year, the American businessman has not stopped being in the news for the way in which his assets have increased, to the point that he set a record one July, when in a single day he made about $ 13 billion.

In fact, in August of this year, Bezos’ fortune peaked at more than $ 200 billion, which made it the first man in history to achieve that record.

The money that moves in the accounts of the North American tycoon causes more and more amazement among the curious on the Internet, so calculations around the amounts of money that he receives in a certain period are common.

How much money Jeff Bezos makes per day, hour and minute

The CEO of Amazon had net profits of around 67.4 billion dollars between January and mid-July of this 2020, as reported by the GC portal.

Thus, because of how his fortune has behaved in this pandemic year, Bezos earned an average of 8,990 million dollars a month, 2,250 million dollars per week, $ 321 million per day, $ 13.4 million per hour, and about $ 223,000 per minute.

The growth of Bezos’s fortune this year has been such that he got used to billing more than $ 3,000 per second.

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Here are some of the luxuries and excesses that Bezos gives himself:


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