How technology led Pinares to Brazilian soccer

César Pinares took a leap in his career. After reaching representation in the Catholic University, the 29-year-old midfielder left the foothills and left for Gremio de Porto Alegre, who paid $ 1.5 million to get 80% of his pass.

The Chilean midfielder landed in Brazil on Saturday and on Sunday he was made official as a new player for the gaúcho club. The operation occurred quickly and, although it was not the institution’s main option, it was technology that made it an alternative.

The letter handled by the directors of the Rio Grande do Sul was the Uruguayan Gastón Ramírez, however after almost a month of negotiations, the operation did not prosper. It was then when the option of the Chilean left-hander arose.

According to what the newspaper publishes Globe, was the data of “Digital Data Center” of the club those who positioned the Chilean as a candidate. Measurements of speed, route, passes, shots and countless other statistics appear in said application, so finally it was the footballer’s performance that put him at the gates of an opportunity abroad.

Coach Renato Gaúcho immediately approved the Chilean team as an alternative, due to his good assessment of it since the clashes with UC in the Copa Libertadores. It was only then, when the sports director of the Brazilians, Marcelo Olivera, began the negotiations with Cruzados that quickly led to the operation.

“Pinares is an intelligent player. We were looking for a footballer with certain characteristics and I am sure he will help us,” the Porto Alegre team strategist commented on Sunday. “He is an offensive, intelligent midfielder,” he insisted. “It was very important for us to close the incorporation of a player like him, because we need two players per position,” he finished.

Now Pinares will return to Chile to join the National Team, so he will only join his new cast after his participation with the “Roja” in the duels against Peru and Venezuela, in the second double day of the Qualifiers towards Qatar 2022.


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