how to avoid economic collapse?

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On the eve of the G20 summit under the Saudi presidency, RFI is organizing a special day to analyze the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. This unprecedented crisis impoverishes a large part of the world but also triggered numerous initiatives to limit its effects.

Health crises linked to the spread of a virus, the world had already known. They had never triggered such upheaval in an economy that has become globalized. Containment restrictions that follow one another since the beginning of 2020, industries have come to a standstill one after the other, the movement of people has become impossible, causing activity to plunge and with it the rates of growth of the greatest powers on the planet.

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Certainly some countries are doing better than others, such as China, which has apparently been able to contain the epidemic better and restart its gigantic economy more quickly. But in the end, all the continents are feeling the effects of this crisis, the end of which cannot be seen. Only the prospect of a vaccine, insofar as it would be distributed everywhere, including in the less wealthy countries, can give hope for the return of normal daily lives and trade. A recovery expected in particular by the tourism sector, one of the hardest hit since the closure of many borders and the almost total interruption of international flights.

World tourism.
World tourism. © FMM Graphic Studio

Despite this situation that some qualify as apocalyptic as it has caused so much damage to employment (formal or informal) and to the morale of men and women deprived of resources, some are nevertheless trying not to give up. Radio France Internationale has decided to give them the floor during a special day devoted to initiatives intended to avoid an economic collapse. On the antenna, the website and the various digital media, you will be able to see and hear those who reflect on the world after by acting in the present.

Interview exclusive

In the morning from 6 a.m. UT (presented by Andréane Meslard and Dominique Baillard), it will thus be a question of humanitarian mobilizations such as that of theorganization Even in west Africa. One of its leaders, Moussa Mbaye, is one of the guests of this special show where we will also find Idrissa Diallo, a Bissau-Guinean entrepreneur specializing in tourism and agribusiness and the eminent specialist in poverty and inequalities François Bourguignon.

But a distinguished guest is also awaiting our listeners: the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva gave an exclusive interview to RFI to deliver her vision of this crisis and a few hours before the G20 summit, to launch an appeal to the great powers to solidarity with the poorest and most affected countries. It will notably be a question of the suspension of the debt claimed by some. A file that could take a higher step during the summit under the Saudi presidency on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November.

The magazines mobilized

Throughout the day, RFI magazines will also focus on the economic consequences of the pandemic. Calls on News with Juan Gomez will give the floor to listeners. Emmanuelle Bastide, in 7 billion neighbors will be interested in the fate of children. Great report will take us to India with the migrant workers asAccents d’Europe will take you to Greece and the United Kingdom where footballer Marcus Rashford forces the British government to distribute meals for underprivileged children and encourages as many people as possible to read books.

You tell me the news will highlight work that traces the journey of homeless women during the period of confinement. It’s not Wind consider how to eliminate poverty within the limits of planetary resources and Accents of the World will bring together around Philippe Lecaplain the journalists of RFI’s foreign language editors who will offer a global vision of this crisis which spares almost no one.


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