how to book a session for the latest Marvel movie?

THE ETERNALS. It is already possible to reserve your place to see The Eternals, the latest Marvel film directed by Chloé Zhao, which will be released in France on November 3, 2021.

[Mis à jour le 28 octobre 2021 à 9h35] The Eternals is the third and final Marvel movie to be released in theaters for the year 2021. In France, it can be discovered from Wednesday 3 November. With less than a week of its release, the film’s pre-sales are open: it is therefore possible to book your screening now to discover the clash between the Eternals and the Deviants. It is possible to reserve the day and time that interests you on the website, the applications or directly at the cash desk of your favorite cinema. A site has also been set up to sell pre-sales: just click on this link to take his place for The Eternals.

The Eternals stands out from other feature films in the MCU: this blockbuster directed by Chloé Zhao (Oscar for Best Director 2021 for Nomadland) introduces for the first time on the big screen The Eternals, a group of superheroes from the far reaches of the galaxy that protect Earth from Deviants, monstrous creatures that attack humans. At the cast, the action film brings together Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians, Captain Marvel), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones, Bodyguard), Kumail Nanjiani (The Lovebirds), Lia McHugh (The Lodge), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta, Godzilla vs Kong), Lauren Ridloff (The Walking Dead), Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, Killing the Sacred Deer), Don Lee (Last Train to Busan), Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones), Salma Hayek (Frida) and Angelina Jolie (Maleficent, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider).

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Synopsis – The epic story, spanning thousands of years, features a group of immortal heroes forced to emerge from the shadows and unite to fight against humanity’s oldest enemy, Deviants.

A month after Chloe Zhao’s 2021 Oscar triumph, Marvel has unveiled the first trailer for its third film scheduled for 2021: The Eternals. Better known since its announcement by Marvel Studios under its English name The Eternals, the film offers us to follow the journey of a team of immortal heroes over several millennia. The trailer, which stands out for a much more contemplative aspect than the usual trailers of the super-heroic studio, seems to bear the mark of its director, sacred for his latest achievement Nomadland.

  • Richard Madden: Ikaris
  • Gemma Chan: Sersi
  • Kumail Nanjiani: Kingo
  • Lauren Ridloff : Makkari
  • Brian Tyree Henry: Phastos
  • Salma Hayek : Invite
  • Lia McHugh : Sprite
  • Don Lee : Gilgamesh
  • Barry Keoghan: Druig
  • Angelina Jolie: Thena
  • Kit Harington : Dane Whitman

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