How to check the vaccination place in Ecuador?


The link to know the date and his place of vaccination. This is part of the 9/100 Vaccination Plan of the new Government. It will begin this Monday, May 31 and was developed through the computer system developed with the National Electoral Council (CNE).

In the link enabled, citizens will be able to know the date and place to receive the formula, according to the Electoral Register. This was announced this week by the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón.

How to check the place of vaccination?

  • Login to
  • Fill in the requested information in the panel that will be displayed: your identification number and the date of birth in the format day, month and year.
  • Then confirm in the reCAPTCHA that you are not a robot. You must press the white square until the green popcorn appears.
  • Click on consult and it will appear: your full names, and the vaccination center, which in this case would be the same as the polling station. In other cases another has been assigned. In the “first dose” section, many people will be indicated “pending assignment”.

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Those who are not assigned a date for vaccination, should wait that according to their age it corresponds. So that when starting the vaccination plan, on Monday, it will be with a first group of 80-year-olds, health and front-line personnel. Likewise, on June 7 it will start with 65-year-olds.

Part of the simplification of the plan is that people will not have to register or make an appointment. All citizens will be registered according to the latest electoral roll.

The vaccination will be at fixed points located in selected voting centers, mass campaigns, universities and mobile brigades.

It is recalled that the new Vaccination Plan will have three phases: We Save Lives, We Take Care of ourselves and We Reactivate. It aims to vaccinate 9 million people in the first 100 days of government.

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