How to Choose The Best Online Game Based on Your Personality

There’s a common belief saying that we are all born with specific personality traits. Over the years, psychology experts have managed to group combinations of particular characteristics into specific personality types and, in that way, tried to explain why people react differently in certain situations.


These personality types are also said to be responsible for the choices we make regarding our daily activities. For example, people who are shy won’t go out much, while self-confident individuals will do everything they can to get in the spotlight. Likewise, our personality traits are the reason why one game might be more appealing to us than all others.


In this article, we’re about to list the most common personality types and some popular online games that suit each of them. So, if you’re curious to find out which online game might prove to be the most interesting for your personality type, make sure to check out the text below.


We’ll start today’s list with the people who are always ready to mingle and are the first ones to give everything a try. Of course, we’re talking about pure extroverts who are generally bubbly and outgoing and can easily find common ground with almost anyone.


Based on their personality traits, they are the least likely to be the ones who can wait patiently to find out what game is their thing, as they probably want to take it for a test drive immediately. 


For this type of people, games that include a lot of interaction would be the best fit, such as any type of live casino games on popular sites like ICE36 UK. These action-packed games allow real-time communication through a chatbox with both live dealers and other players.


On the opposite side of the personality scale, you will find the people who prefer being alone and don’t like socialising that much. These people, who don’t feel comfortable in a highly interactive environment,  are known as introverts.


If you belong to this personality type, slots are the perfect online game for you. You can play online slots all alone without ever having to communicate with any other person. We have to admit that you’re very lucky, as your perfect online game comes in numerous forms and shapes. There are literally thousands of online slots featuring different themes, so it’s quite easy to find an attractive title. 


In case you’re a total beginner and don’t know how to play UK online slots, you’re in luck once again. Slots are very simple and don’t require any particular knowledge or skills. All you have to do is enter the game, wait until it loads, and click on the “Spin” button. A piece of cake, isn’t it?


This personality type is pretty much self-explanatory. Simply put, risk-takers are those people who enjoy participating in high-risk activities. Therefore, the game that would be their cup of tea is no other than online roulette.


Just pick your lucky numbers, choose between a black or red pocket or put your money on an odd or even number, and wait for the roulette wheel to determine your destiny.

Strategic Thinkers

People who enjoy strategic thinking don’t like the games that are absolutely based on luck or have really simple gameplay. The only activities that can keep them interested are the ones that get the cogs turning, just like these.


That’s why strategic thinkers perform best in poker, blackjack, or any other online game that requires applying a carefully thought-out strategy. They enjoy trying to figure out what their opponent’s next move will be while at the same time getting the most out of the situation they are in.


Of course, you don’t have to strictly adhere to this strategy when choosing an online game to play. This is only one of many characterisations regarding human personality, and pretty often, people share traits from more than one group. Therefore, feel free to try out any game that seems interesting to you, as this approach can help you learn more about yourself and develop your character even further.

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