How to cure Covid in a France that has reneged on the Hippocratic Oath

TRIBUNE — At the end of September, while staying with friends, Mr. and Mrs. P. began to experience mild symptoms suggestive of the flu or covid (cough, body aches, fever). They were tested on Friday 31st and learned in the evening that their PCRs were positive. The next day, they called their attending physician who prescribed Doliprane and advised them tocall 15 if their rate doxygen fell below 95.

This doctor offered neither auscultation nor additional examinations and rejected any early treatment, arguing thattheyacted dan unnecessary “fantasy”. But if MP, 71, did not suffer fromno particular medical problem, on the other hand, Mrs P., 66, presented with overweight and sleep apnea, with rates of desaturation which she later discovered, when she found a polysomnography examination report, which they had reached a point of 82% overnight. Its spontaneous saturation was rarely optimal, especially in the morning.

Long before this episode, Mr. and Mrs. P. had discussed with their son, informed about the Covid, whatthey would do sthey contractedinfection. They were determined not to stick to the “Take Doliprane and call 15 if you choke” strategy. So they started by taking over-the-counter dietary supplements (vitamin D, C, Zinc) while their son looked for a doctor who takes care of Covid patients.

Their condition was certainly not very worrying, but they were at D + 5 of the symptoms. MP had a stable saturation rate of 97, but Mrs. P. oscillated between 90 and 93. She therefore followed the advice of her doctor and called the 15th. She was told that nohaving no problem speaking and not being out of breath, shedid not need to be hospitalized.

Thus, their attending physician and emergencies nonot deeming it appropriate tointervene, Mr. and Mrs. P. found themselves without auscultation, care, or follow-up, with Doliprane as the only recourse.

Thanks to a chain of solidarity, Mr. and Mrs. P.’s son found a general practitioner, Dr. B., who treats patients with Covid, hundreds of kilometers from their home. It was time. As the sixth day approached, Mrs. P., who had become dysgeusic, fell into a state of great fatigue, with a high fever and sweating attacks.

Dr B. did a teleconsultation, ordered blood tests and treatment with antiviral drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants, and a supplement ofoxygen which Mrs. P.’s son, on the advice of Dr. B., adjusted and modulated the flow according to the needs of his mother, to whom he made practice breathing exercises which improved his saturation rate.

This outpatient treatment, although relatively late (on the fifth day of symptoms) made it possible toSignificantly improve the condition of Mrs. P. whose fever fell, fatigue and dysgeusia were reduced. The biological parameters were good. The saturation rate was adequate even if it was not optimal, despite thecontributionoxygen, which was probably related to the chronic problem of sleep apnea. You had to persevere and be patient.

A new blood test had been scheduled, but on Friday morning 8, the saturation rate was at 90, following a night disrupted by the movement of theswitchgearoxygen, and Mrs. P.’s concern. She wanted to go to the hospital. Her son and husband disagreed with her decision, but they called the SAMU, whose caregivers found that Ms. P.’s oxygen saturation rate had risen to 96, and that the situation did not requirehospitalization. Finally, considering that she was more than ten days away from being diagnosed with Covid, they brought her at 9:27 a.m. to the emergency room where she lived … a nightmare day – without care, no water, no food, no phone. As incomprehensible as it sounds, she had been left alone in an emergency room whileshe was to be transferred to a lodge, and no one knew where she was.

On the evening of the 8th, at 11 p.m., she was finally taken care of in a multipurpose medicine pavilion in thehospital, where she received the next day the corticosteroid and anticoagulant treatment which was administered on an outpatient basis and which had been suspended throughout the day of the 8th. A lung scanner showed a picture of “dopacity typical of Covid-19 with minimal impairment of 10% ”. A doctor from thehospital advised her to get vaccinated quickly and, as she mentioned thepost-cure natural immunity, the doctor told him about his “serious Covid” and replied that this immunity was not durable, unlike that provided by vaccines – which is in contradiction with scientific knowledge on thenatural immunity and the limited nature of vaccine protection, which requires boosters after a few months.

Mrs. P. returned home on Wednesday the 13th, when she didneeded moreoxygen.

One might be surprised at the refusal of care by the physician treating Mr. and Mrs. P., who falls under da complete incongruity, if lwe did not remember thatit was systematically organized by the “health authorities” from the start of the pandemic. The official theory has been dstraight away: “prevention and early treatment of Covid are useless, no treatment isexists, we recover from the Covid on our own and we are hospitalized when thewe fall seriously ill. As for the doctors who treat patients with Covid, they are charlatans ”. This aberrant situation persists despite the clinical evidence – we recover better and faster dan infectious disease when treated early – and knowledge about Covid accumulated for almost two years. A large number of international studies have indeed shown thatit was important, especially in people with risk factors, to neutralize dimmediately Sars-CoV-2 beforehe doesninvadebody and does not trigger a severe inflammatory reaction. These multiple researches and the clinical experience of Hippocratic physicians have also shown that she doesnthere is no “consensus” on the miracle antiviral drug, doctors can auscultate their patients, order additional examinations, use their pharmacopoeia to combat theviral invasion, prevent the deleterious effects ofinfection and treat the various symptoms of the disease. Experienced doctors treating Covid around the world have developed very precise outpatient care protocols based on the stages of the disease and the clinical characteristics of their patients. They follow their patients day by day – this placebo effect is lone of the healing factors.

One might also be surprised at theabandonment of Mrs. P. in a corner of thehospital for a day if lwe did not know thatthe sidelining and resignation of city doctors, sis added the catastrophic situation of French hospital services, that the “health authorities” recently saw fit toto make matters worse by excluding “unvaccinated” caregivers, who suddenly became plague victims after being applauded in 2020 for their dedication despite unworthy working conditions.

All these dysfunctions combined have resulted in a therapeutic float for four days.

If Mrs P. had been taken care of on an outpatient basis on D1 or D2, it is likely that her lungs would have been completely spared, that the course of her illness would have been similar to that of her husband and that she would have been less worried. His concern was exacerbated by comments from relatives opposed to early treatment: the early anti-treatment ideology has not only infused the thinking of doctors, but also that of much of public opinion, hampering the placebo effect.

On the other hand, if Mrs. P. nhad not been treated on D5, she might have been hospitalized in a really serious condition.hypoxia and physiological distress given the vagaries of his saturation rate linked to his untreated sleep apnea.

Ms. P., who was included in a hospital study, will appear in DREES statistics among “unvaccinated people who have been hospitalized in serious condition” (although she was not followed in a ward. critical care) and cured with good care of thehospital “overloaded with unvaccinated” according to the formula. These statistics will obscure the fact thatshe was probably infected by vaccinated friends – because the reality hidden by theThe iniquitous device of the “health pass” is that vaccinated people can contract and transmit the disease.infection. And they will not mention that the diligent care provided to him at home allowed him to fully recover from the Covid, without after-effects.

Unfortunately, many patients with Covid do not benefit from this chain of solidarity and skills to compensate for the inadequacies and aberrations of health policy. They sometimes find themselves in extreme and preventable situations, including our country, in thelike many others, should sindignant.

The paradox is thatafter having advocatedtherapeutic abstention and denigrated of known molecules, safe and inexpensive by requiring force “proof” and by bringing lawsuits to the doctors who treat, the French “health authorities” and their numerous intermediaries are now demonstrating theiran unparalleled vaccination frenzy. They ndo not hesitate to use stigmatization, pressure, threats, dismissals to force all citizens to be injected with experimental products whose validation does notis not completed, which trigger a number ofserious adverse reactions never observed for any vaccine, the benefit / risk balance of which is out of balance for many individuals, the protection of which is short-lived, and the long-term effects of which are unknown. They nNeither do they hesitate today to buy and promote drugs from the big pharmaceutical industry, such as molnupiravir despite its mutagenic nature, after having praised remdesivir.

To promote mass vaccination, it was necessary to discredit early treatments, inexpensive old antiviral molecules and the doctors who use them, whatever the cost to patients, hospital services and the credibility of medicine.

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