How to offer maximum brightness to your interior?

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Have you ever wondered why apartments on the ground floor or on the first floor were generally less expensive than their higher counterparts? It is quite simply because the buildings on the street hide the
light, which has a direct consequence on the price.

Whether you want to sell this kind of good or live there, here are some tips to avoid the grave effect.

Focus on light colors

Without being able to break everything in your home to bring it more clarity, simple tips can maximize its light potential. First reflex: we forget the dark colors. While it is not forbidden to allow yourself a few touches of bright colors to enhance everything, it is essential that all of your decoration gives off an impression of brightness. And to do this, nothing beats beige, white, gray and other cream tones. From walls to floors to furniture, go for light colors.

In the same vein, we ban Grandma’s huge dark wood cabinet, because it will tend to absorb the natural light of the room and give a feeling of oppression. Even the curtains of your Windows should be as discreet as possible, so as not to upset the rare rays that enter your home.

Maximize natural light

If your home is not flooded with light, it’s up to you to multiply the sources. And in this regard, mirrors are powerful allies. Not only do they make the space bigger, but they can also reflect light into rooms, provided they are positioned skillfully.

Bright photos to illustrate the ad

The first element likely to capture the attention of buyers, your real estate ad photos must also be bright. Here are some tips to get there:

  • Beware of settings: the “indoor” mode offered by most cameras and smartphones allows you to correct exposure defects and prevent your shots from being too dark.
  • Natural light: take your shots in sunny weather and at the best exposure time of the day.
  • The perfect angle: each photo should give an overview of the room. And if there are windows, better to see them. But position yourself well to avoid backlighting.

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